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There’s a few reasons why you might or might not consider servicing your Audi at an Audi Dealership

straight up


You’ve probably taken your Audi to a dealership, experienced poor customer service and a hefty invoice.

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Travelling to your car’s dealership can be really inconvenient if it isn’t local to you or maybe you need to battle peak-hour traffic.



On top of that – you’ll be paying crazy-high prices for a routine logbook service.

Why Choose LeMans Motors for Your Audi Servicing Brisbane?

We have five workshops around Brisbane City offering you the best service at an affordable price. All our mechanics are European car technicians who’ll keep your Audi in its best form. Audi is one of the big three luxury car brands (Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz) with the latest technology, luxury and versatility. A premium luxury car deserves a premium, luxury service and Audi Servicing Brisbane has never been easier and more reliable at LeMans Motors, so visit one of our workshops that’s convenient for you and we’ll keep your Audi in perfect condition.

Audi Servicing Brisbane

Audi Servicing Brisbane: LeMans Motors

LeMans Motors will cater for all your service and repair needs. With convenient locations around Brisbane, it’s easy, quick and affordable to get your Audi serviced at our workshops. Fortunately, we have an experienced team of mechanics who understand the latest software and technology in European vehicles, including diagnostics. Our mechanics are European car technicians, keeping Brisbane moving for over 47 years. You can trust our Audi servicing Brisbane to ensure your car drives like new. We’ll run diagnostics to understand the issue your Audi may be experiencing and restore them at a cost-friendly price. Drive down to one of our friendly mechanics that’s convenient for you and get your Audi serviced today.

Audi Servicing Brisbane: Vehicles Serviced

At LeMans Motors we offer logbook servicing for a fraction of the price on European cars, specifically suitable for your Audi servicing Brisbane. We understand the latest in European cars, with all of our mechanics being experienced European car service technicians. The truth is, car manufacturers use scare tactics to make sure you take your car to their dealership, however having your car serviced at a non-dealer doesn’t void your car’s warranty. Our Audi servicing Brisbane covers all vehicles and models listed below. 

After Hours

We realise you lead a busy life, so we’ve made it easy for you to drop off your vehicle 24/7 at all of our locations

But what about your warranty?!

Of course, booking your next service into a generic mechanic has crossed your mind. But what about your warranty?!

straight up


Car manufacturers use scare tactics to make sure you take your car to their dealership for a service.

never shamed


But the truth is, having your car serviced at a non-dealer doesn’t void your car’s warranty.



As long as you hold evidence (your stamped logbook) your Audi is well-maintained, your car will uphold resale value.

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