Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of your most frequently asked questions answered.

What does a major car service include?

The LeMans Motors major car service is the Ultimate Car Service:

  • Engine flush to remove harmful internal deposits from your engine’s lubrication system
  • Replacement of engine oil, oil filter and sump plug washer
  • Light and battery check
  • Fluid check and top up of all under bonnet levels
  • Thorough inspection of brakes and suspension components including brake adjustment where required.
  • Check tyre condition and pressures, including spare
  • General safety inspection
  • Road test and written report
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Throttle body clean
  • Air filter replacement
  • Upper engine clean
  • New Fuel Filter
  • ECU system scan and report
  • Replacement of cabin filter
  • Air con performance check
  • Full road safety check, including seat belt operation etc.

How often should I service my car?

Depending on your car and how you use it, every 6 to 12 months, or every 10,000km. Newer cars will have more specific servicing schedules though. You should always follow your logbook’s servicing instructions. If you’re not sure when your car is due for its next service, book it in.

How long does a car service take?

It depends on whether it’s an interim service or a major servicing event. Typically though, if the service goes as it should and we don’t need to run any additional repairs, it’ll take somewhere between one and a half hours and three hours.

How much does a car service cost?

The price of a car service depends on where you live, whether it’s the city or a regional town, plus the average price varies from state to state. It also depends on whether you’re driving a manual or an auto, your car’s year of manufacture, and the make and model. On top of that, the price will depend on whether it’s an interim service or a major car service. The average price of a car service in Queensland is somewhere between $188 and $270.

How much to replace a clutch?

The price of a clutch replacement varies too. It’ll depend on the make and model of your car, as well as the year of manufacture. For a small car, a clutch replacement cost starts at $800 and can reach $1500 or up.

How long does a clutch last?

On average a clutch should last 200,000km. How long your clutch lasts though, will depend on how you use your clutch.

What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment is where your suspension is adjusted so that your tyres travel directly straight when you drive. It adjusts the angle of your tyres and the angle they hit the road. By ensuring your tyres go straight, it ensures your tyres wear evenly and properly. If your tyres wear unevenly for too long they’ll compromise your safety on the road.

How much is a wheel alignment?

This mostly depends on the size of your car. It takes longer to make adjustments on bigger cars like SUVs and 4WDs, so these cars will cost you more in labour for your wheel alignment. You should budget at least $125 for a wheel alignment.

How long does a wheel alignment take?

A wheel alignment on a small car should take roughly an hour — but you should always factor in potential wait times too.

How long do brake pads last?

This depends on how you use your brakes. On average, brake pads need to be replaced every 75,000km. However, they could need a replacement at as low as 25,000km.

When to replace brake pads?

You should get your brakes checked out if:

  • They’re squeaky
  • Their performance is diminishing
  • It’s taking longer than usual to stop
  • If your handbrake isn’t holding your car very well

How much does a brake pad replacement cost?

The most common issue with brakes is that the brake pads need to be replaced. The price depends on the make and model of your car, as well as the year it was manufactured. A brake pad replacement can cost anywhere between $150 and $450.

How often should you put air in your tyres?

At least once a month. If you’re filling your car up once a week, a good rule of thumb is to check your tyre pressure every second time you fill up.

What to look for when buying a used car?

You should consider the number of kilometres on the car, relative to its age. So, a car with 200,000km isn’t necessarily a bad buy — but if the car’s only four years old then that’s 50,000km a year. Which might be a concern. Check the logbook: ensure it’s stamped and every service has been completed. Check all of the door handles and the windows are working. Start the car, drive it, and check the tyres out (is there an in-tact spare?).

Have a look at the engine too. If under the bonnet looks a bit too clean, that might be cause for concern. If it’s too dirty, that’s a worry too.

How often should I service my car air conditioner?

You should service your car’s air conditioner every two years to keep it cooling and heating properly. Your air conditioner needs to be serviced and cleaned and the filters need to be changed. Otherwise, your air con is likely to stop cooling well and you’ll also be at risk of “car flu” from the bacteria your air conditioner is pushing out.