Mechanic New Farm

Mechanic New Farm

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Mechanic New Farm

With the highest standard of workmanship and a team of mechanics you can trust, it’s not hard to see why we have a reputation 40 years in the making. After a new mechanic New Farm? Come to our Newstead workshop. We offer car services, car repairs, tyre repairs, wheel alignments, and a range of other mechanical services. We’re committed to building positive relationships with our customers so we can provide personalised customer service.

We’ll always contact you before starting additional work on your car. We’ll get in touch, let you know what the issue is, the urgency of the issue, and we’ll provide you with a quote.

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Car Service New Farm

In need of a car service New Farm? Our mechanics provide affordable and reliable car services from our Newstead workshop. We’ll be sure to check off each service item specified by your car manufacturer or logbook. Items like oil filter change, fuel filter change, or an air filter at major car services. We’ll top up or change all your engine fluids too: coolant, oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid. Then, before we hand your car back to you we’ll check it for road safety, making sure there’s no mechanical issues with the car either.

We’ll always contact you about necessary repairs on your car and provide you with a quote before we commence any work. Your mechanic will always explain the importance of the work needed, along with the urgency. Have a European car? Our European car services are the affordable and reliable alternative to the dealership.

mechanic with mercedes benz

Why Choose LeMans Motors Mechanics?

At LeMans Motors, our mechanics commit to exceeding your expectations. With more than 40 years of mechanical experience, we handle your car servicing and repairs with expert attention to detail.

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Car Repairs New Farm

Offering car repairs to New Farm too, we’re experienced in all the common car repairs. Repairs like: brake pad replacements, clutch repairs, and wheel alignments — as well as radiator repairs, battery repairs, and car air conditioner repairs too. Not sure what’s wrong with your car? That’s what we’re here for. Our mechanics are diagnostics experts.

We know communication is essential in a reliable mechanic. We’re always open with you and will contact you if you need a repair. Your mechanic will go through the importance and urgency of the repair with you and provide you with a quote, so you can make a decision before we commence work.

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Things to do while you wait for your New Farm Mechanic

If you’re planning to stay around our Newstead workshop while you wait for your New Farm mechanic, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants throughout the suburb. Grab something to eat or drink while you wait. Or, you could pack a picnic and enjoy a riverside lunch. Leaving your car with us while you head back to New Farm? Head to New Farm Park for lunch or take the Brisbane River Walk and see the Story Bridge and the Kangaroo Point cliffs up close.