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Have you ever had a nasty “surprise” when you went to pay for a repairs to your car?
We see customers too often who tell us that their previous repairer gave them bills for work they did not know about or did not authorise. At Lemans Motors, we know what a shock this is, particularly if you had not budgeted for the extra cost. We will not do any extra work on your car beyond what you have authorised us to do. If we do feel that something else needs to be repaired urgently, we will inform you first, and give you a quote for the work. We will not proceed until we have your approval. We don’t believe in “surprises”.

Is losing your car while it is in for a repairs a major hassle?

We know how important it is to minimise the time your car is off the road. That is why we take care of everything, whether it is electrical, tyres, air conditioning, inspections, or just mechanical repairs. We do it all for you and guarantee the result. We are a one-stop shop. No need for you to run around. At Lemans Motors, we are very conscious of the inconvenience to you not having your car while it is being repaired . We will do our best to get your car fixed in the shortest possible time.

Ever put your car in for repairs, and explained to the junior at the counter what the problem is, only to find it is not fixed at all, and they have ignored everything you said?

At Le Mans Motors, the person is at the counter is our most experienced technician. You will be speaking to someone who will know how to ask you the right questions, and will also make sure that the technicians in the workshop get the information

Not sure what the problem is with your car, but if you don’t try and tell the car repairer what is wrong, you know you will just be wasting your time?

Cars are sophisticated machines these days, and some time what you believe to be the problem could be caused by something entirely different. We don’t expect our customers to be auto experts and try and second guess what is wrong. Bring it into us and we will find and fix the problem, no matter what it is. Yes, we do like to know the symptoms that you have experienced, but it is our job to find and fix the problem. That is what you are paying us for.

Sick and tired of offers from auto repair shops that offer prices that start with “from” or have an asterisk next to them, only to find a nasty surprise when you go to pay for it.

Our most important principle is Trust. How can you trust someone who quotes one thing to get you in the door and then charges a lot more than you bargained or budgeted for? If we advertise a price or give you a quote, then that’s what it will be. No exceptions, no asterisks. We believe you should know and agree with the price before the work starts.

Do you go in for a service and find that the car shop insists that your car has major problems that need to be fixed now?

While it is true that bringing your car in for a service is an ideal time to do an overall health check on your vehicle, a lot of repairers will give you a long list of things that need to be repaired even if they are minor or not urgent. Our approach is to be open and upfront with you. We categorise any problems for you into:

  • Urgent/Dangerous items that need to be rectified immediately,
  • Items will need to be done in the near future, before they cause more serious damage and expense. This gives you a chance to budget for the repairs. We will give you upfront quotes so you know what you are up for. We do not believe in replacing parts that still have significant life in them yet.
  • Items that are neither dangerous nor impending, but that you need to be aware about. In these cases we advise monitoring these items in future services.

The point is we want you to be informed about the health of your car, and allow you to make the decisions about the timing and priority of any repairs (if any). We are more than happy to take you into the workshop to show you what needs to be done and why if you unsure. No surprises.

We’ve spent more than 40 years building up our reputation for reliability, trust and high-quality workmanship in auto repairs and servicing. Come and see for yourself why thousands of Brisbane motorists have been visiting us for so many years.

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