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We tend to use our cars quite a lot in Brisbane. Geographically speaking, we’re a huge sprawling city and the best way to navigate across this terrain is in our car. Whether it’s dropping the kids off at Saturday sport or venturing into Brisbane CBD for an event, you need your car working at its best. When there’s an issue with your car it can disrupt your day to day lifestyle. That’s why we strive to make your Brisbane mechanic service the easiest and most convenient experience that we can. There’s a number of ways that we achieve this ranging from our 24/7 drop off availability through to the transparency with which we conduct our business. We’ve built our reputation to be one of answering your questions and elevating stress where we can.

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If you’ve just brought in your car for repairs because you’ve noticed that there’s a leak underneath when you drive away, then you’re probably wondering what’s going on. When you find that your car’s been leaking there are normally a few different causes that can be contributing to what’s happening. If you come in thinking that you’ve got an engine oil leak, but we discover it’s actually a fuel leak, our Brisbane mechanic’s first point of call will be to contact you.

We know that you’ll want to know what’s happening with your car and that you don’t want to be lumped with a huge bill for something that you didn’t think that you needed. So we’d be getting on the phone to you, explaining what we’ve found, why it’s different to what you thought it was and what we recommend the following steps should be.

Have you ever had those experiences with mechanics, when they tell you that five different things are wrong with your car, and none of them is why you booked it in? And when you ask them questions about how it all relates, the answers just get more and more obscure and hard to understand? We know you’ve had experiences like this because we have plenty of our LeMans community members telling us that’s why they’ve left their previous mechanic.

At LeMans we don’t want to confuse you, and if you are uncertain about why we’ve done something to your car then we haven’t done our job right. Lucky for you, our reviews prove that we always do our job right and leave our community feeling certain about their car on the road and feeling safe when they drive off after a LeMans service.

If ever you don’t quite understand what we’ve told you about your service, or want further clarification about what a certain part does and why you may need it replaced, then we’re more than happy to talk to you about what’s going on until you’re feeling confident you understand. We’ve got decades of experience in dealing with cars, and we have this because we love working with cars. So whenever we get a chance to talk about cars, we jump at the opportunity.

Our Brisbane mechanic’s are always here to answer your questions and to explain what’s going on with your vehicle. We’ve got decades of years of experience under our belts, and we know that it’s going to give you peace of mind when you’re driving away after a service.

If you do book in for a service and we find that there are extra parts that need to be replaced, we’ll be giving you a call to run you through the different options we have available. Whether we have the name brand replacement, or perhaps a cheaper part that is still of high quality which will do the job perfectly. We’ll provide you with options that suit your budget and your timeframe. Perhaps you can still wait a few months before you need it replaced. Whatever it is, we’re never going to sell you something you don’t need, and we’ll definitely never pop something on your invoice without running it past you first.

Our services

Operating since 1974, we’re the highest rated mechanic Brisbane has to offer. We’re privileged to have become this through our tailored service offering and excellent customer service. We’ve shaped how we service the Brisbane community from years of experience and by accommodating to our customers as their needs have evolved.

How we service cars has changed a lot since our grand opening in 1974. Back then there weren’t as many European cars in need of service, simply because there weren’t as many European cars on the Australian market and on the road. But as opinions, budgets and availability changed, the marketing for European cars grew and so did LeMans Motors.

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At LeMans, we’re all about convenience. That’s why we have a range of workshops across Brisbane’s Northside, Brisbane’s Southside, Brisbane’s Westside and Brisbane’s Southside. What we’ve learned from having all of these locations is that our Brisbane community is quite a busy one. That’s why we decided to introduce our 24/7 drop-offs across all of our mechanic Brisbane workshops.

We know that you’ve got errands to run before and after work, and dropping off during business hours is not always feasible. With our after hours drop off, you can drop your car off at any time, even the night before your service. If you have any questions about this after-hours drop-off, then feel free to ask us about it when you book in for your service. We’re always more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. 

Have you been keeping up with your logbook services? They’re essential to keeping your car in working order and maintaining your sale value when you look to sell in the future. Servicing your car in alignment with your logbook also means that the warranty won’t be voided, so if you ever have any issues come up with your car and you’ve kept up your logbook services, then you should be able to make a successful claim.

If you may have missed a logbook service or two, we promise we won’t judge you. At LeMans mechanics, we’re the mechanic Brisbane calls on for a range of diagnostic tools that can provide a logbook service for your European cars. Some European car services need specific equipment to check in on how certain parts of your car are operating. We specialise in servicing your European car, so you can rest assured knowing that when you book in your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, or any other car, we’ll be able to provide it with a comprehensive car service, and also treat your car with the special LeMans care that we’re known for.

Is your car rattling a little bit, or have you noticed a strange smell coming from your air conditioning? Then you may need to book your car in for repairs at LeMans. At LeMans, we’ve been servicing the mechanic Brisbane community for over 47 years and we’ve seen it all. Whatever the issue is with your car we’ll be able to provide you with a fix or find a solution that works perfectly for you and your situation.

We know that repairs rarely coincide with convenient times in your life. So at LeMans, our mechanics are always here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with options about your repairs. So if you think something that may need urgent attention may actually just need replacing in the next few months, we’ll give you options about what your next move should be.

Servicing all of Brisbane

We’ve been Brisbane’s mechanics for over 47 years, having grown from our first workshop in Milton, to five stores in major Brisbane areas. We’ve seen car trends evolve over the past five decades and we’re excited to see what’s next for the automotive industry in Brisbane. Whether you’re situated on Brisbane’s Northside, Westside, Southside, Eastside or in central Brisbane, there’s a LeMans mechanic near you. We’re the mechanic Brisbane goes for because we’re a team of Brisbane locals, so we know the terrain your cars are using and the heat that they’ll be driving in. There’s a reason why we’ve got such a great reputation across Brisbane, and that’s because our local mechanics know good service and love servicing our community.

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Looking for a mechanic in Newstead? LeMan’s motors have you covered. Our Newstead location is situated in the heart of the suburb at number 18, Austin Street. This convenient inner-city location, just three kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD, has been servicing the Newstead community with technicians that have decades of experience with European cars, our team of mechanics have truly seen it all.

Even if you’re not a local to the suburb, there’s always something buzzing in Newstead. When you book your car in, make sure you grab a coffee at one of the many cafes that this leafy suburb has to offer up or take a walk and enjoy the fantastic river views.

We’re the friendly mechanic Brisbane knows will always answer any car-related questions, and can also provide a few recommendations as to where the best coffee is while you wait for your car. So if you’re looking for a central location to book in your European car, look no further than Newstead LeMans.

Are you in Hawthorne, Balmoral, Morningside or Norman Park? Looking for a local mechanic in Brisbane’s East? We know that it can sometimes be a hike to get to a good mechanic, but you shouldn’t have to drive 20+ minutes just to get your car in. Our location at Bulimba has been servicing the community for the past 30 years, and we’ve got no plans on slowing down any time soon!

Situated just 300m from Oxford street, our Godwin st location is the perfect location to drop your car off and explore the lively suburb of Bulimba. With plenty of fantastic cozy cafes and the lovely riverside park, there are always options if you’re just in for a quick wheel alignment or repair. If you’re keen to drop your car and head into work or back home, there’s also plenty of public transport available for you to conveniently scoot to the Brisbane CBD or anywhere else you need to go.

Our team at Bulimba can take care of all your European car needs. From your run of the mill logbook survive, through to clutch repair, wheel alignment, safety certificates and everything in between. Of course, our Bulimba location also has the classic LeMans service, every car is treated with respect and most importantly, so are you!

Are you in Paddington, Bardon, Toowong or Auchenflower? Our Milton location is the perfect location for you to book your car in for a LeMans service. We’re the mechanic Brisbane and Milton locals go to for specialist European car servicing. One of the premier LeMans locations, the Milton shop has mechanics with decades of experience under their belt. Whatever the issue is with your car, our team has seen it before and fixed it before. With a specialisation in European cars, your BMW, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen or any other Euro car will feel right at home.

Our Milton location is easily accessible with plenty of surrounding bus stops, the Milton Ferry Terminal just a 5minute walk away and the Milton train station just a 7 minute walk away. So if you need to run into work or if you have somewhere to be, then our Milton location is perfect for you. If you’re just dropping your car off for a quick in and out, the famous Milton Park Road is just a 2min walk so pop in and explore the best of Milton! If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, then Paddington’s Caxton Street and the XXXX Brewery are also just a walk away. If you are more into walking, then you can also have a lovely wander along the relaxing Brisbane river walk.

Our West-End mechanic Brisbane is one of our flagship LeMans stores. Situated on Montague road, it’s been servicing the community of West End, South Brisbane, Highgate Hill and Dutton Park for years. Pop your car in for a service to discover the LeMans difference. We pride ourselves on differentiating from other mechanics by providing the best service along with the best human service too! No matter the questions you have or the issues you may be facing, our friendly mechanics will have the answers that’ll leave you comfortable with the solution for you.

So if your car is booked in for a quick tune-up, what’s there to do around the West End LeMans location? Quite a lot! We’re in the middle of all the action and we love it because there’s always something to do. From rock-climbing to plant shopping, there’s plenty to do and see on Montague road, and being in West End, you’re never too far away from a cafe. The team at West-End will be more than happy to give you a few recommendations as to where you can find your next good feed and coffee. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, then we also recommend that you take a walk down to the river to take in the sights.

Our Woolloongabba store is one of our most popular locations, servicing the areas of Kangaroo Point, Stones Corner, Coorparoo, Camp Hill, Stones Corner, Fairfield and of course, Woolloongabba. It’s so popular because the area knows that we’ve got a suite of experts ready to take on any challenge that you throw at us. Our experts are ready to service your European car and give it the care and love it deserves. A LeMans service is never just focused on your car, but on you as well. We’re the mechanic Brisbane can count on to make sure that our customers are across everything that we’re doing to their vehicle and that we’ve got the answers for your questions.

So if you’re dropping your car off for quick service, what’s there to do around the Woolloongabba location? We’re so glad you asked! The Stone’s Corner Village is just a 10-minute walk away and it’s a scenic walk along the Norman Creek with the Norman Creek walkway. We also recommend just taking a leisurely walk along the Normal Creek walkway to get some fresh air and take in the lovely sights. There’s also a few great coffee shops around the store, so make sure you ask our knowledgeable and friendly staff about their recommendations.

The home of European Cars

Specialising in European and luxury car servicing, we’re the mechanic Brisbane can trust to deliver a premium, economical service to all makes and models including Volkswagen, Audi and BMW, to name a few. With more than 47 years under our belt, we’ve been keeping Brisbane moving through trustworthy, reliable car servicing and repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked plenty of questions about how your car works and what our services entail. If we haven’t answered your questions below, please don’t hesitate to give our staff a call at any of our Brisbane locations or send us a message through our contact page.

European car owners will be aware of some glaring differences like a larger reliance on technology and parts that are more specific. Going to a mechanic that specialises in European cars means that they’re more acquainted with the particulars of each of the cars. So when you’re having a specific issue with the function of a chip in your car, a dealer that has the right diagnostic tools will be much quicker to identify the problem and start working on a fix. This doesn’t just mean a quicker service due to a problem being identified quicker, but also a cheaper service.

We’re the mechanic Brisbane can lean on to service more than just one type of European car. The experience we’ve gathered after servicing a diverse range of cars means that we’re able to tackle every problem from a unique angle. We think having this knowledge and experience makes us more likely to give you a better service and find solutions quicker. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.

We’re the highest rated mechanic Brisbane has to offer, and having worked in this area for over 47 years, we understand that sometimes your car isn’t used frequently. We recommend servicing your car at the intervals that your logbook recommends. We recommend this so that you can keep your car in tip-top shape and maintain your resale value. It’s also important to keep your logbook services up to date in case you need to make a claim on your warranty. So even if you’re not driving your car around as much as you think you should, it’s a really good idea to still make sure that you’re servicing it.

It’s vital that you keep your car running when you’re not using it for periods of time. So if you’ve been trapped inside due to working from home or a lockdown, try to run your car around once a week to be safe. This will get the car’s blood pumping, well not actual blood, but the fluids and oils that it needs to work.

Plenty of people think that a dealership is the only way to go if you want to maintain your warranty. But that’s simply not the case at all. In fact, dealerships tend to inflate costs and you’re not guaranteed a good service because dealerships always assume you’ll be a repeat customer.

So why switch to an independent mechanic Brisbane? Independent mechanics often offer a cheaper alternative to dealerships and a different kind of service. We like to call this a more human service because rather than just treating you like another number, we actually recognise that your car is an essential part of your life and one that really keeps your life moving. Independent mechanics give you an opportunity to deviate away from the traditional dealership service by providing a quality local service at a fraction of the price. We also tell you what the service involves and we don’t lock you into anything you don’t want.

We pride ourselves on being an independent mechanic Brisbane can trust. We always make sure that you feel comfortable with what a service entails and if there are any adjustments that we feel should be made, you’ll be our first point of contact. At LeMans we want to give you an option that doesn’t make you drive 40mins away to the other side of the city and a service that you feel comfortable receiving.

We always recommend that you should keep up to date with your logbook services to keep your car running as it should. Keeping up to date with your logo book servicing is also a great way to maintain value in your car.

Chances are if you have a car you’re probably planning on selling it one day right? So naturally, you’ll want to get the best price possible for it. A great way that you can ensure this is to keep your logbook up to date and provide all the services as necessary. This will make you some cash in the long run. But if you notice any irregularities when you’re driving, then you should look to get checked out sooner rather than later.

When you notice:

  • Pulls in your steering
  • Strange sounds
  • Bad smells
  • Squeaky brakes
  • Air conditioning not working as well as it used to
  • Your car starts vibrating
  • Your engine light is on
  • There’s an issue with ignition or trouble starting your car
  • Anything else not working as it should

Then it’s time to call up your local LeMans mechanic Brisbane and book in your car for a check-up.


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