Mechanic Brisbane

Mechanic Brisbane

We’re your new mechanic Brisbane. You can rely on us for everything from your car service to your wheel alignment and anything else mechanical. We’re experts in diagnostics and complex repairs too.

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Nissan Juke and Mercedes on car lifts mechanic workshop

Car Service Brisbane

On the hunt for a new workshop for your car service Brisbane? We offer full logbook car services to all of Brisbane. Every car service we do is completed with the highest level of workmanship. We always tick off all of the specifications from your logbook or manufacturer too. When we’re servicing your car, we’ll get in touch with you immediately if we find any repairs are needed. Our Brisbane mechanics will never complete work before providing you with a quote and getting your okay to go ahead.

Your Brisbane mechanic will complete all the basic items in your car service. We’ll change your fuel filter, oil filter, potentially your air filter. We’ll top up all the fluids, check it over for any mechanical issues and ensure it’s safe to travel on the road too. Skipping scheduled car services and maintenance events almost always costs you more in the long run — whether it’s in your next major car service or from costly car repairs.

European Car Service Brisbane

Your Brisbane mechanic will also service European or luxury cars. We know how frustrating maintaining and servicing your European car can be — not to mention expensive. We’re bringing better options to Brisbane. Our mechanics will service your European car without tacking on the European car service price tag. We only charge for the parts and the labour — never the luxury car tax.

Some of the other european cars we service are:

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Nissan Juke and Mercedes on car lifts mechanic workshop

Car Repair Brisbane

Looking for a car repair from a new mechanic Brisbane? We’re the experts in car repairs. Brake pad replacements and repairs, clutch replacements and repairs, or simple wheel alignments and steering fixes — our mechanics can help. We’ll help out with more complex repairs too. Our mechanics can repair radiators, batteries, air con repairs — you name it. Don’t know what’s wrong? That’s okay! We’re experienced in diagnosing car problems as well as repairing them.

We’ll always communicate with you about the repairs you need too. We’d never take your car, fix it, and them slam you with a huge bill. We’ll take it in, work out what’s wrong with it, and then let you know as soon as we can. We’ll provide you with a quote and get your permission before we continue any work.

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Wheel Alignment

Is your car drifting to one side when you let go of your steering wheel? Is the steering wheel shaky? Have you noticed uneven tyre wear? You might need a wheel alignment. A wheel alignment is where your suspension is adjusted so that your tyres hit the road at the right angle and travel in a straight line. Wheel alignments are really important because they keep your tyres in tip top shape and prevent them from wearing unevenly. Correct wheel alignments are essential for road safety. Think you might need a wheel alignment? Chat with your mechanic, Brisbane.

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Clutch Repair

There are a few different signs you might be in need of a clutch repair, Brisbane. Is it hard getting your gear stick into gear? Does your clutch burn — the awful smell when you take off on a hill or when you change gears? Have you noticed the position your clutch is in has changed? You might need a clutch repair or replacement. Whatever the issue, bring it into your mechanic in Brisbane and we’ll check it out.

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Brake Pads Brisbane

There are a few signs that you need to get your brakes checked. If they’re squeaking, grinding, or it’s taking longer for you to stop when you’re braking — you might need to get them checked. If your steering wheel shakes when you brake, or the performance of your brakes is diminishing, you may need a brake repair or brake pad replacement. Bring your car to your Brisbane mechanic to get them checked out.

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Why LeMans Motors’ Mechanics Brisbane?

We’re your new mechanic Brisbane. Servicing and repairing Brisbane’s cars for more than 40 years, we’re proud of our growth as a go-to mechanic in Brisbane. With four workshops across Brisbane and a fleet of expert mechanics, we have plans to continue growing. It comes down to our commitment to provide Brisbane with better mechanical services, because you deserve an affordable mechanic that you can feel confident leaving your car with. We build relationships with our customers, because we want you to know you can rely on us. The LeMans Motors difference is in the workmanship, the customer service, and the affordability.

brisbane mechanic workshop reception

We Have A Service Centre Near You!

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