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Maintaining Your Volkswagen for Australian Weather

Volkswagen is an elite, German car brand and for many VW owners, they’re more than a car, they’re an investment. To keep your car in tip top condition, it’s really important you’re maintaining your VW properly. We’re not just talking about getting your Volkswagen serviced regularly either, although that is really important. We’re talking about all the little things you can do to avoid unnecessary damage or wear on your car. Here are our top tips for keeping your Volkswagen in its very best condition. 

Don’t perform DIY repairs

Youtube tutorials aren’t the answer. Running DIY Volkswagen repairs will often cost you a lot more money in the long run. Especially if you’re not using genuine VW parts. Volkswagens, as well as European cars generally, have these highly complex engines. Qualified Volkswagen mechanics have specialist diagnostic equipment on hand to work out what these complicated issues in your engine might be. So, Googling what a light on your dashboard means is a risky game. 

Qualified VW mechanics also have a thorough knowledge and understanding of your Volkswagen engine. So, it’s always best to have your car maintained by a professional. 

Always get it checked

Don’t put off or avoid going to the mechanic if you think there might be an issue with your Volkswagen’s engine. Strange sounds, pulls in your steering, bad smells, and squeaky brakes are all issues you should get check out as soon as you can. Putting off getting issues in your VW checked will usually only worsen the issue and make it become more severe, and therefore, more expensive. 

Keep it clean, inside and out

It’s really important to keep your car clean. It’s a vital step to maintaining your VW. Once the interior of your car begins to deteriorate, it can be really expensive and challenging to fix. Regularly vacuuming your car’s carpets and cleaning its surfaces will keep your VW’s interior in good condition. The same goes for the exterior of your Volkswagen.

Dirt, dust, and droppings from trees or birds can all damage your car’s paint if they’re not washed off quickly. Dust and dirt may dull the appearance of your paint in the patches they sit on. Droppings from trees, but especially from birds can actually etch the paint off of your exterior. Always clean these off of your car in a timely manner. Regular interior and exterior cleaning is an essential component to maintaining your VW.

Service it regularly

Your VW service might be more expensive, but you should always follow the service schedule specified by your VW’s logbook. For the quality of both your Volkswagen’s engine and its software, it’s best to get it serviced when Volkswagen has specified for you to. Remember, you should have your Volkswagen’s air conditioner serviced every two years too. This will keep it in good working condition, but it also helps prevent “car flu”. Car flu is where the bacterias, dirt, and dust trapped in your air conditioner filter give you flu symptoms while you’re in your car. 

It’s also vital to choose a regular, qualified Volkswagen mechanic with the appropriate equipment. Choosing a regular mechanic means they’ll be able to monitor your Volkswagen and notice when there are irregularities in your engine. 

Take care of your tyres

It goes for every vehicle, but maintaining your VW tyres is also essential. Make sure you’re regularly checking your tyres’ air pressure, checking their tread, and getting wheel alignments and balances when you need them.

Carbon System Cleaning

Another essential aspect of your maintaining your VW is carbon system cleaning. Once your VW starts to rack up higher mileage, the injection systems will begin to wear. Carbon deposits start to form in your engine’s intake valves, injectors, throttle body, and EGR system. If this isn’t taken care of once you notice the symptoms, you’ll need to replace parts due to failure from carbon build up. This will cost you more money in the long run. You can avoid expensive issues like misfires, hard starts, and excessive fuel consumption by getting a carbon blast engine clean in your Volkswagen. We’ll keep your VW’s engine clean from carbon deposits by keeping up with regular maintenance. You can improve engine’s response, reliability, and performance by getting your mechanic at LeMans Motors to run an engine carbon blast on your car. These start at $249.

We’re qualified Volkswagen mechanics with the latest in European diagnostic equipment. Get in touch today to book your VW in for a service. 

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