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Mercedes Service Schedule Explained: Service A & Service B

Mercedes Benz is a highly sophisticated car with a highly sophisticated engine, and power to match. With a highly sophisticated engine, comes the essential task of maintaining it effectively. 

Offering two different kinds of services is Mercedes’ solution to encouraging regular servicing and a better maintenance model for your car. Your Mercedes Benz will come with a list of maintenance requirements that will need to be ticked off at certain times. However, completing all of these tasks in the one service doesn’t always make sense. 

This is because, while some things will need to be done at one interval, the other will need to be done at a separate interval. This means that completing all of these tasks in one service would be a waste of time, money, and parts. Thus, the creation of the two different Mercedes services: Mercedes Service A and Service B. 

The idea is that you’ll spend slightly less on servicing, but your car will be better maintained. It also prevents costly damage, safety issues, and unnecessary mechanical repairs or maintenance. 

If you own a Mercedes Benz, you’ll know that your car will alert you when you’re due for either service and it’ll then inform your mechanic what needs to be done once you’re at the workshop. Mercedes’ flexible servicing works to keep your car in a premium condition, but let’s take a look at the two different service types and what they cover. 

The difference between Mercedes Service A and Service B

Service A refers to the maintenance items needed after 20,000km or one year and Service B is for the following 20,000km or one year.

Mercedes Service A

Mercedes describes this one as, “more than an oil change.” The A Service covers all those basic service items but also includes a meticulous, step by step inspection of your vehicle and its engine. We’ll be sure to attend to each item specified by your specific model’s service sheet.

What this service includes:

  • Replacement of oil filter and synthetic motor oil
  • All fluids and levels checked and corrected as per the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Check tyre pressure and correct
  • Brake inspection to find component issues
  • Resetting for the next Service A interval
  • Windscreen wiper blade replacement
  • Replace cabin dust/combination filter

Mercedes Service B

The Mercedes Service B’s specifics vary, much like the Service A, depending on the model of your car. Typically, if your Mercedes was manufactured after 2009, you’ll need to get your Service B after the first year of driving or 20,000km driven. After that, you’ll need this service roughly every two years. 

What this service includes:

  • Replacement of oil filter and synthetic motor oil 
  • Replacement of combination or cabin dust filter
  • Inspection of brakes for component issues & changing of brake fluids
  • Tyre pressure inspection and correction
  • Checking of all fluid levels and correcting them to manufacturers specifications
  • Resetting for the next Service B interval

These will vary from model to model

So, while there are a number of differences between Mercedes Service A and Mercedes Service B, these will also vary depending on the model of Mercedes you own, as well as your driving habits. The service schedule is also entirely different when it comes to Mercedes running on diesel. It’s similar but Service B does contain a number of additional items to tick off. 

—We’re highly experienced in Mercedes servicing and are equipped with the latest technology to keep your car running in tip top condition. You can learn more about our Mercedes Service here or book your next service here.

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