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Why are European cars and used European Cars so expensive at the moment?

Great question! The prices for used European cars have been on the rise and something in 2020 started this increase. The disruption of COVID-19 has severely impacted the manufacturing and distribution of European cars. This means fewer cars being produced and even fewer of these cars hitting Australian shores. However there has been another factor impacting these prices, and it’s been coined “chipageddon”. 

Did you know that a modern car has around 100 chips that control various functions of your car? The shortage of chips is leaving manufacturers in the lurch and sadly with Australia’s geographic location, we will bear the brunt of this. 

So not only are new European cars more expensive and harder to purchase at the moment, but now also used European cars are increasing in price. This is because those who would be looking to purchase new European cars have had to resort to looking at the used market. But also, those who are looking to maintain their current European cars may need replacement parts, and the only way to access these parts is through scrapping used cars.

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Why should I get my European car serviced?

Experts say that it could be two years away before the prices for used cars start to slow down. So why does that mean I should get my European car serviced? If you’re looking to replace your car in the next two years, then you’ll probably want to keep your current car in brilliant working order so that you can sell it for a great price. 

However if you’re not looking to replace your car any time soon then you absolutely should look at keeping your car serviced regularly. This way, you won’t be faced with any surprises that could leave you carless and having to look for a replacement when used car prices are at an all time high. But of course you should be getting your car serviced regularly to keep yourself and your family as safe as possible.

Have you just bought a used European car?

Firstly, congratulations on the new car! Buying a new car is always an exciting process but you never really know what the car has been through. Having a check through the log book can be a bit confusing and in some circumstances your new used car may not even come with a logbook. An idea when you get your car is to book it in for a general check up to see what’s going on under the hood. 

Booking in a service with a trusted mechanic will give you all the information you need to have peace of mind when you’re driving your new car around town. A general check-up will allow your mechanic to let you know if there’s anything you need to watch out for over the coming months and also to let you know when you should next book in with a mechanic. 

At LeMans, we operate with a transparency policy. If there’s something that needs looking at in your car we won’t give you any vague details. We make an effort to explain what’s going on with your car in terms that you can understand. So if you’ve just bought a used car and there’s an issue that we find, we’ll talk you through what’s happened, different options for you and we’ll answer any and all of your questions.

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Why you should book your car in now

Due to this increase in price with new and used European cars, it means that not only are car dealerships getting an increase in traffic, but also mechanics. As people are now realising that they need their car to last because prices will be high for a while, they’re also booking in their cars for servicing to ensure longevity. 

If you haven’t booked in your car for a service yet and it’s due for one. Now is the time to get your spot. Call up your local LeMans mechanic to see when they can fit you in and work with you to keep your car on the road and extend its life cycle.

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LeMans Motors offer full logbook servicing on European cars for a fraction of the price – and we always do it by the book. We’re experienced European car service technicians who understand the latest in European cars. Car manufacturers use scare tactics to make sure you take your car to their dealership for a service. The truth is, having your car serviced at a non-dealer doesn’t void your car’s warranty.

Our independent mechanics don’t just know one type of car, they know them all. The value of having an independent mechanic means that you know your mechanic has a large breadth of knowledge and the resources to get into the nitty gritty of any issue that’s plaguing your car. LeMans motors has mechanics that can be trusted because they have the years of experience to back them up.

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How to look for a good second hand European Car

There’s a bit of research you should do before taking the jump and buying your European car. You should always look at understanding the costs involved and research the latest trends to make sure you’re getting what’s fair. We also recommend organising a proper inspection to assess the usability of the car. We’ve actually written a larger article about how you can buy a second hand European car and you can find that here.

If you haven’t booked in your car for a service yet and it’s due for one. Now is the time to get your spot. Call up your local LeMans mechanic to see when they can fit you in and work with you to keep your car on the road and extend its life cycle.

What’s the difference between a dealership vs independent mechanic for a European car service?

A common quote we hear from customers is that they’re more likely to use a local mechanic over a dealership in an effort to save a few extra dollars. Or it could also be that your local mechanic saves you from driving 45 minutes across town to sit in a waiting room and be fed very weak coffee as you wait for a cramped convenience bus to take you 45 minutes back home. We know that convenience is necessary when modern life is so busy! 

It really comes down to personal preference. Dealership services are more expensive than independent mechanics but some people do prefer them. An independent mechanic can be more convenient and cheaper, but some workshops do apply a luxury tax for European cars. What it comes down to is what you’re comfortable with and where you want to put your money.

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All you need to know

Got a question about your local Brisbane mechanic? We like answering them! 

If your question isn’t answered below please contact your nearest workshop for more information.

This is a question we get quite commonly along with “Do we really need to book in then” and “What if I wait a few months longer?” questions. We love these questions because we’re not like other mechanics. We’re not going to give you an airy fairy answer that will leave you with more questions than you arrived with. 

You should service your car regularly if you like driving a safe car. Just like your teeth need cleaning and your clothes need washing, your car needs maintenance to make sure it keeps running as it should. It’s just a fact of life that maintenance is needed. When you get a car service with us, feel free to ask how often you should service your car and we can give you a specific breakdown according to your specific car. Cars will come with certain recommendations for when specific systems need to be tended to, this might be an air conditioning filter that needs replacing yearly to oil that should be changed every few months. 

When we give you a recommendation or advice we will always back it up and give you the specific details. You can rest assured that with LeMans mechanics you’ll feel safe and secure with your service.

When we service or repair your car and it’s still under your manufacturer’s warranty, we have the authority to stamp your logbook. We’re also insured, so you’re always protected. 

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) specifies that, “a manufacturer’s warranty is a promise to the consumer that the vehicle will be free from defects for a certain period of time.” 

“Provided you service the vehicle in accordance with any such requirements, the warranty will remain valid. If the manufacturer’s warranty states that the vehicle can only be serviced by an authorised dealer, this may raise concerns under the Competition and Consumer Act.”

So, your warranty can specify that your car must be serviced by a qualified mechanic, to their specifications, and using quality and appropriate parts. Your warranty actually can’t specify that you must service your vehicle through a dealer to keep the warranty intact. There are many, many cases of car manufacturers implying you must service your car with them though. 

At the end of the day, where you get your car serviced is up to you. However, avoiding independent mechanics and religiously taking your car to the dealership for your service isn’t necessary to keep your warranty and resale value, or to keep your car in perfect condition.

If your Volkswagen is making a strange new sound or perhaps something isn’t working the way it used to, it’s time to book in for a check-up. Putting off issues in your car will only worsen with time and will also end up with a more expensive fix.

It’s always better to get any mysteries solved as soon as they arise so that you can be sure that you’re as safe as possible on the roads. There is absolutely no substitute for safety and the one thing you never want to take any shortcuts on is your wellbeing on the roads.

So if you notice:

  • Pulls in your steering
  • Strange sounds
  • Bad smells
  • Squeaky brakes
  • Air conditioning not working as well as it used to
  • Your car starts vibrating
  • Your engine light is on
  • There’s an issue with ignition or trouble starting your car

Then it’s time to call LeMans and book in a service!

LeMans motors is a Brisbane owned and Brisbane based mechanic and we’ve been keeping Brisbane cars safe and on the road since 1974. Since our first location was established many years ago we’ve expanded to service your Volkswagen in Bulimba, Milton, Newstead and Woolloongabba.

Independent mechanics are trained to be able to service all cars and their unique specificities. This means that our mechanics know the ins and outs of how to comprehensively service your Volkswagens but are also able to offer the same level of expertise to your other vehicles.

We believe that great service doesn’t have to come with a great price, and that’s why our independent mechanics are known across the city for being high quality and at a reasonable price. We love being a Brisbane based company and we love servicing the people of Brisbane.

Car services maintain your car and its engine, which helps you avoid costly breaks or far more expensive future car services. They’re important for increasing or maintaining your on road safety and the cleaning and maintaining of filters actually helps to reduce your fuel consumption. Ensuring your car receives each of its logbook car services also helps to preserve the resale value of your car.


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