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Our car service keeps your car moving

Your routine car service is the secret to keeping your car running like new. It’s also how we help you avoid those bank-breaking, side-of-the-road breakdown troubles.

You’ve heard it before, your car service is important

Yeah, we know mechanics go on about car services a whole lot. There are a few really good reasons we do it though. Your car has a list of parts and components and while most of these are typically built to last, they still need to be cleaned and maintained.

Fresh fluids keep your engine running nicely

Your engine has a few different fluids with different jobs. These fluids are poured into their specific compartments where they then flow when needed. Just like a glass of water sitting around for ages, fluids will muddy and need replacing with time. The cleaner and fresher the fluids, the better they work.

engine fluids
replacement car filters

Replacing your filters saves you money

Your engine isn’t totally enclosed and debris, dirt, and dust can enter the fluids. So, your engine has filters for these fluids to flow through. Just like an air conditioner’s filter or a coffee filter, the dirtier it is, the less effective. Changing these filters each car service means the fluids travel better which actually benefits you in the long run for example, by saving you fuel.

We service all makes and models

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We find issues with your parts before it’s costly

Belts, hoses, spark plugs — they all play an integral role in the running of your engine. By checking these at each service, we can catch faults before they wear out and replace the parts. Saving you a breakdown or need for towing.

car parts

We make sure you’re safe on the road

From the leads that start your car, to the health of your parts, and the tread on your tyres. We’re here to tune up your car, but your safety is important to us. We’ll make sure your car is working properly and isn’t set to clunk out on you suddenly.

Logbook car services uphold that resale value

Your resale value matters, we get it. Keeping up with the services your car’s logbook specifies will keep that value intact and help you prove to its future owner that it’s been well cared for.

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