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Clutch repairs: Clutching at straws with your car?

Your car’s clutch plays an important role in shifting power from your engine to your wheels and thus, keeping your car moving. So, it’s so important you get it checked out when you think there may be something wrong.

Your clutch plays a big role in your car

The clutch is the hardest worker in any manual car. It’s responsible for transferring power from your engine and into your wheels and it’s what allows you to change gears smoothly while the car’s in motion.

So, when should you get your clutch looked at?

As soon as you notice an issue. Your clutch is such an important part in your car and its replacement or repairs can be really costly. What sort of issues should you be looking for though? Well, a burning smell when you change gears or take off is a surefire sign you need to see us.

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You should come see us if:

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Clutch issues can really grind your gears, we’ll sort it out

Our mechanics will work with you to repair or replace your clutch and have your car back on the road, running like a dream again.

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You can prolong the life of your clutch

Our clutches put up with a lot from us but just like any other car part, they will eventually wear out. There are small changes you can make to your driving habits to prolong your clutch’s life and keep it from wearing out.


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