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We’ll get your car’s gearbox & transmission into gear

Your car’s gearbox and transmission are two really important components and two kind of daunting repairs when they’re needed. We’ll help you get it taken care of.

Your gearbox has an important job

Whether you’re sporting a manual or an auto, the game your gearbox is playing is an important one. It’s quite literally responsible for keeping your car moving. It balances the power and speed your car requires while acting as the link between your engine and wheels. In other words, your gearbox is doing a whole lot. So, if it seems off it’s pretty important to get it checked out.

It goes hand in hand with your transmission though

These two components of your car rely on each other to work. Your transmission won’t work without your gearbox and your gearbox is rendered useless if your transmission is out of action. So, where it’s essential to be keeping an eye on your gearbox and keeping it in check, the same goes for your transmission.

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Well, how can I know if there’s an issue?

A good point. It can be tricky to know if something’s up with your gearbox or if you’re suffering from car-related hypochondria. This is especially a thing if you’re driving an older car — one that never really liked second gear that much anyway. There are a few different signs that may mean it’s time for a trip to the mechanic.

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