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Whether you need advice for a new set of tyres, you require a tyre rotation, or a simple puncture repair – the team at any of our LeMans Motors locations can help. We provide new and used tyres from the leading brands at an unbeatable price. As well as tyres, we also offer general car servicing and repairs, meaning you will have all of your automotive needs catered for at any one of our six workshops across Brisbane.Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service at an affordable price range for quality tyres Brisbane.

Tyres Brisbane | Brands we supply

We’re Brisbane’s go-to for all things tyre related. Our workshops in Bulimba, Milton, Enoggera, Woolloongabba and West End have solutions for all auto mechanical issues, including tyres, wheels and rims. Being independent means we can choose the best tyre brand for your vehicle. We’ll always consider the best tyre for your budget, vehicle and usage. To find out whether they’re the right kind of tyre for your vehicle, you can pop into your nearest LeMans Motors workshop. One of our friendly team members will be happy to provide you with expert, unbiased advice on a range of brands, including Maxxis, Kumho, Goodyear and more tyres Brisbane.

Delivering quality tyres since 1941, Hankook is a tyre brand that finds the perfect balance between affordability and quality. They were first a tyre company in Korea and now they’re one of the biggest in the world. This is all thanks to their focus on technology, innovation and the driver behind the wheel. LeMans Motors brings the power of Hankook’s 70 year legacy to local customers throughout Brisbane. 

Bridgestone is one of the largest Brisbane tyre brands and a household name for a reason: they deliver serious quality in their tyres. Bridgestone has been going strong since 1931 thanks to the great range of tyres they produce. This global tyre business started out in Japan with the aim to become one of the most trusted household names on the planet. They are known today as the number one tyre brand in Australia and around the world. Bridgestone invests more than $800 million dollars into research and development, testing their tyres in ten locations across eight different countries. If you’re looking for Bridgestone tyres, your local LeMans Motors workshop can help.

Continental Tyres focus on performance and safety. The first to use a tread pattern in their design, innovation remains in their tyres today. Continental have been in the tyre game since 1871, and were the first team to invent a tyre with tread pattern in 1904. They’re one of the most trusted tyre brands in the world today and were named Australia’s best tyre in 2017 at MOTOR’s independent tyre awards. LeMans Motors brings the power of Continental’s German engineering to Brisbane via our six workshops. 

Goodyear is a frontrunner when it comes to tyre innovation and technology. These tyres are durable, quality tyres and offer motorists better reliability. Goodyear tyres are great for all the everyday stuff, too. They provide comfort, control and a long life when you’re driving on the roads. Goodyear has a fair share of success under their belt. Their tyres have won more than 350 Grand Prix races, were the first tyres used on the moon, and were driving Henry Ford’s Model T when car’s first hit the market in America. If you’re after Goodyear Brisbane tyres, your local LeMans Motors workshop can help. We’ve got tyres for every car, including 4WDs, light commercial tyres, trucks and more. 

Dunlop develops durable tyres that are designed for performance, but the brand offers tyres for a range of needs and driving conditions. Dunlop has designed innovative tyres for everyday driving, motorsport, commercial and motorcycle applications. Whether you’re looking for sport tyres Brisbane or all terrain tyres, you’ll find an option suitable for your needs. LeMans Motors is your local independent dealer for Dunlop Tyres. We’ve got tyres for work, rest and play for a wide range of makes, models and sizes. 

Kumho Tyres supplies tyres for all terrains: from daily highway driving hatchbacks to serious 4x4ing — Kumho has you covered. Kumho tyres has been a trusted option for more than 35 years in Australia. With a global presence across 180 countries, and producing more than 68 million tyres every year, the company is ranked as one of the top ten tyre companies in the world. LeMans Motors has a wide range of Kumho tyres for sale in Brisbane. This is not only due to the quality of their product, but also thanks to their commitment to many local causes in Australia. One example is their support of the McGrath Foundation, donating $100,000 annually to assist in breast cancer awareness and the provision of breast cancer nurses in Australia’s under-resourced rural areas.

Pirelli have been designing and creating tyres since 1872. Today, Pirelli is known for quality, high performance, environmentally conscious tyres. You can find their tyres in more than 160 different countries and on racetracks around the world. Pirelli works with the best car makers to produce the best tyres for every vehicle. They have more than 1,900 different tyres in their range, and along the way they’ve managed to pioneer the wide radial tyre. This new level in radial tyres was one of the main factors behind the development of sports cars with extra power.

Pirelli has also been supplying racing tyres since 1907. They are currently the exclusive supplier for Formula 1 racing and the only tyre brand allowed in the FIM World Superbike Championship.

Michelin Tyres offer ultimate durability, safety and comfort. Michelin creates tyres for all sorts of cars, and shows off the best of their technology at the world’s premier open-racing series. They have 17 consecutive overall race wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, showing that Michelin Tyres can tough it out in the most extreme conditions. A company that was founded by two brothers in France, Michelin now operates 67 production plants in North and South America, as well as Europe and Asia. This top tyre brand is worth the investment for those Brisbane motorists spending long hours on the road.

Tyre puncture repair Brisbane

A flat tyre is generally caused by a puncture to a tubeless tyre’s casing, allowing air to escape and causing the tyre to deflate. Punctures are usually caused by sharp objects like small nails, screws, glass shards and other road debris. A flat tyre can also be caused through a damaged sidewall or leaking valve. Punctures in your tyre should be fixed immediately. Even a small hole can lead to a dangerous blowout at high speeds. Not all damage requires a complete tyre replacement. Punctures can safely be repaired by a qualified LeMans Motors technician to get you back on the road fast. 

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Tyre rotation Brisbane

A tyre rotation is a simple maintenance service that maximises mileage and can double the life of your tyres. A rotation is needed every six months so that all four tyres get an even work-out, therefore wearing at the same rate. Our six Brisbane workshops and teamed up with state of the art equipment, and Brisbane tyre experts. All of our work comes with our 100% Service Guarantee. We spend the time asking you relevant questions and always explain our recommendations before commencing any work.

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Mag wheels Brisbane

Compared to a standard car wheel, mag wheels have many advantages. The alloys in a mag wheel make it stronger and lighter. It also gives further performance advantages in better fuel efficiency and increasing the life of your Brisbane tyres. We have access to popular brands like Holden, Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda and Ford, through to more rare fitments like Volkswagen, Audi, Jeep, BMW, Fiat and other European vehicles. Whether it’s 4WD, performance, drift, budget or luxury wheels or tyres you’re after, we’ll help you find the right fit for your vehicle. 

Brisbane tyre and wheel balancing

If you want to make the most of your tyre investment, wheel balancing is critical. As you drive over time, you’ll hit bumps and holes you couldn’t see or avoid, and you’ll drive along uneven road surfaces, both of which lead to uneven treadwear. Even turning left and right particularly hard can have an effect.

Advanced tyre technology

Tyres have also changed over the years. They are now typically more responsive with lower profiles, which sends more road feedback to the driver. These types of tyres do typically lead to better on-road performance, lower rolling resistance and better fuel economy; however, the slightest imbalance can be felt. Moreover, if you’ve upgraded your tyres to larger / fatter ones, balancing is even more critical to guarantee a smooth ride.

After roughly 5,000 kilometres it may be time to rotate your tyres. While you’re at it, it’s recommended you also get a wheel alignment service, as well as a tyre rebalancing. Checking your tyre pressure can also be beneficial. Even if you can’t always feel the vibrations mentioned above, they’re still there.

If you’re ready to check the balance of your tyres, or you need assistance with other tyre maintenance, get in touch with your local LeMans Motors today to arrange an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

We’re always happy to answer any questions our customers have. Below are the most common questions we get asked about tyres Brisbane. If your question isn’t answered below please contact your nearest LeMans Motors workshop for more information.

Run flat tyres are a relatively new tyre technology make getting flat tyres less inconvenient. If it’s time to replace your spare tyre, this may be an option worth considering. These tyres do exactly as their name suggest. They’re able to continue to run safely in the event of sudden or gradual deflation. When fitted with run flat tyres, your vehicle can continue moving despite a loss of tyre pressure. It’s also able to function even when there is little or no pressure. If you want to know more about run flat tyres, you can always visit your nearest LeMans Motors workshop for expert advice. We’re able to help with all things tyre care and maintenance.

While fixable, tyre punctures are a hassle and can be dangerous. To avoid getting one in the first place:

  • Avoid debris on the road
  • Check your tyres (including your spare tyre) and remove any small stones, glass and other sharp objects
  • Make sure your tyres are properly inflated

A tyre is repairable if:

  • It has been punctured by a small object, such as a nail or screw
  • The puncture is less than 5mm in diameter
  • The puncture is in a central portion of the tread
  • Your technician has confirmed it can be repaired safely
  1. Drop in to your nearest LeMans Motors workshop
  2. Our qualified technicians will remove the tyre from the wheel to assess the damage and determine if the tyre needs to be repaired or replaced
  3. If the damaged tyre can be repaired safely, we’ll mend the puncture, refit the tyre and balance your wheels

It’s not always safe to repair a damaged tyre. That’s why it’s important to always have a qualified technician assess the damage. Tyres need to be fully removed from the wheel for a thorough inspection. Some types and brands of tyres can’t be repaired at all and will need to be replaced immediately if they’re punctured.

Damage that can’t be repaired includes:

  • Deep punctures larger than 55mm
  • Punctures in or circular wear on the tyre’s sidewall
  • Internal damage to the tyre, such as deformed bead wire, separation of internal layers, or creasing of the interior lining
  • Deterioration of the tyre due to grease or corrosives
  • Cracking of the rubber due to ageing

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