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Maintaining Your Volvo

Volvo is a Swedish car brand known for innovation and creating safe, solid, and reliable cars. The Volvo company is actually responsible for a number of today’s most common safety features across all makes and models of cars. Plus, they offer a luxurious and comfortable experience for their drivers.

When it comes to owning such a luxurious car, it’s important to maintain your volvo properly. Here are our top tips for maintaining your volvo.

Maintaining your Volvo’s Engine

Ensuring your Volvo’s engine is receiving the maintenance it needs is absolutely essential. So, having your Volvo serviced at each service interval specified by your logbook is really important.  

We’ve talked before about how important it is, regardless of the make and model of your car, to have your car serviced regularly. Follow the service schedule outlined in your logbook to ensure your engine is being taken care of properly. Make sure you have your air conditioner serviced every two years to ensure the filters are clean, the air is fresh, and to keep it in perfect, working order. 

Maintaining your Volvo’s Exterior

The key to keeping the exterior of your Volvo looking good is to have it washed often. Remember that automatic drive thru car washes can be harsh on certain paints. The dirt and dust build up on the exterior of your Volvo can begin to wear out the paint if left for too long while droppings from animals, particularly birds, actually contain acids that will etch your paint.

As well as ensuring the exterior of your Volvo is cleaned regularly, don’t forget to make sure your tyres are maintained effectively too. Make sure you’re regularly checking the air pressure in your tyres, checking the tread, and getting your scheduled wheel alignments and balances. Learn more about the importance of tyre maintenance here

Maintaining your Volvo’s Interior

Volvo boasts a classy interior. It’s full of Scandi design elements, cool leathers, and a minimalistic design. The interior of your Volvo feels luxurious before you start the engine. So, it’s so important to maintain the interior to keep it in tip top shape. 

Steering Wheel

Volvo’s leather steering wheel isn’t designed to be covered. Well, generally, leather components need to breathe — so avoid steering wheel covers on these. You can actually get specialised Volvo wipes to clean your steering wheel, or you can just buy a generic leather cleaner and use it with a microfibre cloth. 


Again, use your trust microfibre cloth to wipe your seat belts down. If they need a good clean, you can use a synthetic detergent. If you do use a spray on your seatbelts, make sure you dry off the entirety of the belt before allowing it to retract. 

The wooden, plastic, or metal interior elements

These interior elements of your Volvo just require a gentle wipe over and typically, no cleaning products — especially no stain removal products. Use a microfibre cloth that’s slightly dampened with water if needed.


To maintain the leather upholstery in your Volvo, it’s important to regularly use a leather cleaner on the upholstery. Volvo also recommends you use a protective cream on your leather upholstery at least once a year, but up to four times in a year. 

As for your fabric upholstery or the upholstery in your ceiling, it’s really important you clean this gently. Avoid scraping the fabric, using harsh cleaning products, or stain removers. 

Your centre console

As you drive your Volvo you’ll start to get a bit of a dirt and dust build up in your centre console and display. You might also see a bit of oil or grease from touching the screen with your fingertips. 

It’s recommended to turn off your centre display before you wipe it down. You can do this by holding down the ‘Home’ button. Use your microfibre to lightly wipe down the screen and the rest of your console. Don’t apply too much pressure as any loose dirt or dust may damage the screen with too much force. 

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