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We’re a Brisbane mechanic offering personalised, friendly service. More importantly, we offer really good car servicing, repairs, and case by case advice around your car, tyres, and engine.

Apprentice Mechanic

Apprentice mechanics perform automotive inspections and repairs in keeping with our company standards. Under careful supervision, our apprentice mechanics are valuable members of the LeMans team, helping to service vehicles and provide vehicle advice to our customers.

Duties and responsibilities

The day-to-day duties may of an apprentice mechanic may include but are not limited to:

Performing simple automotive repairs

Our apprentice mechanics perform standard vehicle repairs on their own. Tasks such as hanging brake pads and rotors, replacing car batteries and replacing vehicle fluids. 

Following car checklists

Using LeMans Motors automobile checklists, our apprentice mechanics will determine which repairs are needed on vehicles scheduled to be serviced. 

Learning repair techniques

Learning is a big part of the role of an apprentice mechanic. This includes learning how to repair vehicles through formal training sessions and hands on work experience, under the careful supervision of our trained auto mechanics. 

Writing estimates

Apprentice mechanics will learn how to create written labour, time and parts cost estimates for needed vehicle repairs. 

Testing car batteries

Our apprentice mechanics routinely disconnect batteries inside vehicles and connect them to a testing device to determine their functionality. 

Cleaning shop, inventory and customer areas

All of our apprentice mechanics are responsible for performing light custodial tasks to keep our workshop and customer areas clean and presentable. In addition, keeping our inventory areas clean and well organised improves our workshop’s overall efficiency and performance. 

Disassembling vehicles and engines

Apprentice mechanics may take apart car and truck engines, as well as other parts of the vehicle such as sidewall panels and floorboards. 

Ordering vehicle parts

Our apprentices may also be responsible for ordering new parts for vehicles both over the phone and online. 

Skills and qualifications

The ideal candidate will possess the ability to work well with their hands and have an interest in automobiles and mechanics of all types. In addition to this, we’re looking for professionals who have the following skills and abilities that are vital to the job:

  • Customer service – apprentice mechanics frequently speak with customers to learn the nature of their vehicle problems, explain repair processes and collect payment for completed repairs


  • Physical ability – candidates seeking this job must be physically able to complete tasks such as stooping, crawlings, working while lying down and lifting heavy pieces of vehicle machinery.


  • Mechanical skills – apprentice mechanics should have a strong understanding of mechanics in order to complete their daily duties and learn how to successfully repair all types of vehicle problems.


  • Communication skills  – apprentice mechanics are learning how to become mechanics, which requires the ability to listen and absorb information, as well as the ability to relate information clearly to others. 


  • Analytical abilities – there are many different things that can become an issue on any vehicle, a great apprentice mechanic will be able to isolate the problems and provide practical and safe solutions.


  • Licensed  – all of our apprentice mechanics are required to have a valid driver’s license and must know how to successfully drive both automatic and manual transmission types.

Other Jobs Available

Store Manager

Store managers are responsible for the customer and team member experience in our store. Together with the LeMans team, store managers build long term relationships with customers and the community through providing honest advice, delivering high quality work and ensuring the workshop’s performance remains consistent.


Motor mechanics are responsible for inspecting, diagnosing and repairing various types of engines. This role is well suited to people who enjoy troubleshooting and solving complex problems. Applicants should be skilled in technical expertise, possess analytical abilities, attention to detail and excellent customer service skills. The ideal candidate will also enjoy working with a close knit team of professionals.


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