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We’re a Brisbane mechanic offering personalised, friendly service. More importantly, we offer really good car servicing, repairs, and case by case advice around your car, tyres, and engine.


Motor mechanics are responsible for inspecting, diagnosing and repairing various types of engines. This role is well suited to people who enjoy troubleshooting and solving complex problems. Applicants should be skilled in technical expertise, possess analytical abilities, attention to detail and excellent customer service skills. The ideal candidate will also enjoy working with a close knit team of professionals.

Duties and responsibilities

Our mechanics work with all parts of a vehicle and its systems, from steering and brakes to air conditioning. Our mechanics examine vehicles to identify damage or faults and then fix these issues. The day-to-day duties may of a mechanic may include but are not limited to:

Inspecting and testing vehicles

Mechanics are responsible for checking the serviceability of vehicles through test drives and system checks, as well as identifying problems using computerised diagnostic equipment. This involves testing parts to make sure they are running as they should and following checklists to ensure that all critical areas of the car are examined properly. 

Performing maintenance checks

Mechanics are expected to perform basic checks to ensure the vehicle is running properly, such as changing oil and replacing filters. These checks must adhere to our company and industry test procedures, it is the responsibility of our mechanics to ensure these guidelines are met. 

Advising customers on issues

Mechanics are required to communicate issues with customers and explain technical information about the problems and repairs in an easy to understand way, as well as advising of the cost.

Repairing or replacing parts

If issues have been identified on the vehicle, it’s our mechanic’s job to replace or repair the damage to parts to certain specifications. These may be minor tasks or larger jobs which require more technical expertise. 

Maintain equipment

In order to ensure the correct standards are met, our mechanics need to maintain shop equipment. This involves testing, servicing, adjusting and testing these devices to ensure our high standards of performance are maintained. e

Skills and qualifications

Successful candidates will possess strong problem solving abilities and attention to detail, as well as the ability to quickly grasp new technologies. The ideal candidate will also enjoy working with a close knit team of professionals.


  • Customer service skills – strong interpersonal skills are vital to this role as our mechanics discuss the car’s issues with its owners. Being a good listener, able to explain problems effectively and remaining polite at all times is essential.


  • Mechanical knowledge – mechanics need to be up to date with technologies and systems, as well as understand complex vehicle components and how each part interacts.


  • Technical skills – our mechanics are expected to use diagnostic equipment to identify problems within the vehicle, as well as be familiar with electronics and able to read complex technical manuals.


  • Manual dexterity – this is a physical job that requires the ability to maneuver large parts and perform a number of tasks at once with a steady hand and excellent hand eye coordination.


  • Problem solving skills – determining faults and how to fix them is a key aspect of this job, so troubleshooting skills and the ability to identify solutions are necessary.


  • Prior experience – a postsecondary certification in automotive technology or a related subject is considered a good foundation. One to two years of on the job experience or training is ideal. Vast mechanical/tyre knowledge across a range of vehicle brands and types is key.


  • Licensed  – all of our mechanics are required to have a valid driver’s license and must know how to successfully drive both automatic and manual transmission types. 

Other Jobs Available

Store Manager

Store managers are responsible for the customer and team member experience in our store. Together with the LeMans team, store managers build long term relationships with customers and the community through providing honest advice, delivering high quality work and ensuring the workshop’s performance remains consistent.

Apprentice Mechanic

Apprentice mechanics perform automotive inspections and repairs in keeping with our company standards. Under careful supervision, our apprentice mechanics are valuable members of the LeMans team, helping to service vehicles and provide vehicle advice to our customers.


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