Driving the rise of the sharing economy

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You can zoom to work on a Lime scooter, get home in an Uber, and order dinner from Menulog. As resources continue to become more expensive, and our awareness of reducing our consumption has grown, digital platforms and startups have offered up the solution – sharing.    What is the sharing economy? Communities of people […]

European used cars labelled ‘pandemic proof’ in Australia as market booms

The European second hand cars Australians can’t get enough of

For the past twelve months, prices for European used cars have been surging. Experts say it could be two years before the skyrocketed prices being paid for used cars ease.  It’s safe to say that 2020 has heralded an automotive renaissance in Australia. With public transport during the global pandemic an unfavourable option, those of […]

Car Repairs: Everything Good to Know

car repairs

Our LeMans Motors mechanics are the experts in car repairs. We’ll take care of all your car’s needs. From air conditioning and electrical testing to major mechanical repairs — our mechanics will help you out. At LeMans, all of our mechanics are also European vehicle technicians. They’re experienced in repairing European cars like BMW, Mercedes […]

Maintaining Your Volkswagen for Australian Weather


Volkswagen is an elite, German car brand and for many VW owners, they’re more than a car, they’re an investment. To keep your car in tip top condition, it’s really important you’re maintaining your VW properly. We’re not just talking about getting your Volkswagen serviced regularly either, although that is really important. We’re talking about […]

How To Maintain Your Tyres

tyre maintenance

Learning how to maintain your tyres properly is so important for both the lifespan of your tyres but also your on-road safety. Items like your tyres’ air pressure, tread, and wheel alignments are all paramount to keeping your tyres in a good and safe condition. If your tyres are worn, you’ll be more at risk […]

How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Christmas Road trip BLOG

Christmas and New Years, along with the holiday season are well and truly on their way, which means there are plenty of family road trips on the horizon. Nothing ruins your holiday like unnecessary car problems — or finding yourself stuck on the side of the Bruce Highway in the middle of Summer. Here’s how […]

How To Change Your Oil

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Oil changes are completed at every routine car service but knowing how to change your oil is an excellent skill. It’s an essential of simple DIY car maintenance and it can save you some cash along the way. Changing your oil should take about an hour for a beginner but once you’ve done it a […]

Should You Use Premium Fuel In Your Car?

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As mechanics, we regularly hear our customers are confused about premium fuel. Their car might specify they have to use it, or recommend they use it. There’s a lot of conflicting opinions out there about premium fuel, what it does, and whether or not you need it. The truth is, premium fuel does have some […]