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Logbook Car Service: Everything Good to Know

logbook car service

With fully trained, qualified, and experienced mechanics we’ve been across a range of mechanical issues and repairs. You can rely on LeMans’ mechanics to provide a full logbook car service without cutting any corners. And if you need additional repairs? We’ll always contact you before completing them, providing a quote and an explanation of why […]

Thinking about buying a hybrid? Here’s the 411

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Hybrid cars have long copped a little bit of flack. It could be to do with the motorist community’s hatred for the Toyota Prius or it could be an assumption that a lack of fuel means a lack of power. We’re not totally sure. But if you’re thinking of buying a hybrid car, we’ve laid […]

Why Is My Car Leaking: Identify Your Leak

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We’ve all been there. You reverse out of your garage in the morning and notice a puddle of fluid sitting underneath your car. If you’re not super familiar with cars, their engines, or mechanical repairs, it can be pretty alarming. Especially if you’re noticing the puddle is growing in size.  So, how do you know […]

Keeping Your Car In Check When You’re Not Using It

Sleeping Car Blog

With COVID-19 keeping many of us at home, our cars haven’t received the same workout they usually would. Many Brisbane drivers have found a shudder in their car on starting or worse, a flat battery from its total non-use. Even if the pandemic hadn’t created the stay at home orders — extended holidays, a prolonged […]

Maintaining Your Volvo

Volvo Blog

Volvo is a Swedish car brand known for innovation and creating safe, solid, and reliable cars. The Volvo company is actually responsible for a number of today’s most common safety features across all makes and models of cars. Plus, they offer a luxurious and comfortable experience for their drivers. When it comes to owning such […]

Mercedes Service Schedule Explained: Service A & Service B


Mercedes Benz is a highly sophisticated car with a highly sophisticated engine, and power to match. With a highly sophisticated engine, comes the essential task of maintaining it effectively.  Offering two different kinds of services is Mercedes’ solution to encouraging regular servicing and a better maintenance model for your car. Your Mercedes Benz will come […]

Car Maintenance Cost: Which brands are the most expensive to maintain

Which car brands are the most expensive to maintain blog

Obviously the biggest expense you’ll incur with your car is the initial purchase price. But, the annual cost to maintain a car can vary greatly from brand to brand as well as between different models. Whether you’ve bought a BMW or a Toyota, you’ll have a list of car maintenance costs you’ll need to pay […]

How To Maintain The Coolant System In Your Audi

Group 114 1

Audi is a luxury car that offers peak performance and a smooth drive to its owners. They’re dependable and reliable cars — not to mention, fast and fun to drive. That’s probably why you bought one. But, just like any car, Audis need to be maintained properly and regularly to avoid costly breaks or engine […]


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